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Cristina Zadro

Category: arte
Cristina Zadro

Dicembre 17, 2023    by  ‣  0 comments

Cristina Sofia Zadro

Founder of the Art Theatre Project “The Girl in Rome”

Actress, Art Historian Awarded, Journalist and Author, Cristina is an eclectic character. She’s also one of the most prepared Art Bloggers in Italy. She has written books on Rome for Newton Compton , collaborated with Radio, Tv and newspapers, talking about Art, Travel and Theatre.

Cristina Sofia is an Actress who trained privately with important names of the Argentine theatre. After the Master in honors, Art, Theatre and Archeology at the University La Sapienza of Rome, she began her great and long journey as a director and interpeter of Art.

She wrote +1000 articles on Art. She is an Art Historian, graduated summa cum Laude in her Master’s degree in Rome and then became Research Assistant in Art of History. She wrote an Encyclopedia about Rome, she knows every little artwork everywhere. She’s writing her blog about Art and Travel

She simultaneously studied 5 languages, she speaks foreign languages fluently as a polyglot.

Cristina loves theater and prepares international history shows and teaches children the same in the theatre academy.

She is a Journalist, she has written for italian newspapers, hosted +3 TVprograms about Art, Tourism and worked as Speaker on radio too.

From all this was born the project The Girl in Rome , where the common denominator is ART and its dissemination through all channels, theatre, journalism and travel.

Cristina is the founder of the project “Maria Per Roma Va in Scena” through her cultural association offers project and theatre performances for kids to teach theatre and acting shows for everyone explaining history, art and culture:

Cristina Zadro

The Girl in Rome

Stay with us.

Cristina Zadro